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All the Juicy DeeTales: Why Are There Photos In Your World's Fair Books?

Someone asked why we chose to put photographs at the beginning of each chapter in my historical novels set at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Tune in as I give you *All the Juicy DeeTales!*

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All the Juicy DeeTales: Do You Interview Experts For Your Research?

When I embark on a new book I often have no clue as to what is involved in my hero and heroine's professions. So, I read a lot of books and watch films on the profession if they are available. But nothing is as profitable as interviewing an old timer who worked in the field I'm researching back in the day.

Pretty neat, right? I would say that meeting these people and doing these interviews is one of my favorite parts of this job.

All the Juicy DeeTales: Book Release Day Is the Worst

One of the best--and worst--days of being an author, for me, anyway, is today ... the day my book is released. It's the best because, well, my new book is out! And that's super exciting.

It's the worst because I feel really, really vulnerable. So vulnerable, that I have a pretty awful recurring dream right around the time each new book comes out.

Here are All the Juicy DeeTales ...

Pretty awful, huh? LOL. But, in the end it's worth it. :)

What about you? When do you feel the most vulnerable?

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Do You Bring Your Husband To Your Events?

Many of you have asked if my husband travels with me to my events. Well … let's just say … um … well, watch the video and I'll give you *All the Juicy DeeTales.* :) 

What about your spouse? Does he/she behave when you're out and about?

All the Juicy DeeTales: World's Fair Memorabilia

Ever since writing the books set at the World's Columbian Exposition, I've become an avid World's Fair collector. One of you asked what all I'd collected so far. Here's a peek!

Do you collect anything or know someone who does?

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