Activity Ideas

Here are some suggestions for fun food & activities your book club can do when you discuss A Bride Most Begrudging


New World Wonders

Food & Decorations:

Find large pictures of these various animals Constance encountered and set them next to each snack.  Make a small place-card naming each snack.  These are just suggestions.  Use your imagination and whatever menu you have planned.

  • Rooster - "Mr. Meanie's Munchies" next to a bowl of Chex Mix

  • Turtle - "Sir Hopkin's Scions" next to a plate of Turtle chocolate/pecan clusters

  • Raccoon - "Bandit's Booty" next to bowl of Goldfish crackers

  • Goat - "Snowflake's Snack" next to plate of assorted breads or crackers

  • Skunk - "Blackberry's Jam" next to, of course, blackberry jam

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