Activity Ideas

Make some cupcakes or cookies and have a Cake Walk

Write a number on 8 1/2 by 11 pieces of paper. There should be enough papers for each person to participate. For example, if there are 15 people expected, there should be a paper numbered with a large "1", a paper with a large "2" and so on up to "15.

Have a jar filled with slips of paper of identical numbers (e.g. 1 to 15).

Tape the papers to the floor in a large circle.

Everyone starts by standing on a piece of paper. Start some music. Everybody steps from paper to paper while the music plays.

When the music stops everyone should be standing on a paper with a number.

Draw a number from the jar. Whoever's number was drawn wins a plate of cupcakes or cookies. Replay until all the prizes are won. Of course, the food can be shared immediately if the winner so chooses! :-)


Have a Shooting Contest

Line up two sets of empty soft drink cans. Place a masking tape "stand behind" line far enough away from the sets of cans to make the contest a challenge. Divide into two teams and give each team a nerf ball gun. Large rubber bands will work just as well if you don't have nerf guns handy. Have team members take turns shooting at the cans. The team with the most cans down at the end of 60 seconds wins.

Alternatively, you can give EVERYONE rubber bands and at "GO" let both teams shoot away at their stack of cans. At the end of 30 seconds, the team with the most cans down wins. This is fun with smaller groups.

Remember you'll need prizes for the winning team!


Play Bird Bingo

You'll need the following supplies:

- Bird Bingo Cards (I've provided 30 to print and cut apart on the dotted line. Let me know if you need more than 30. You can reach me through the "Contact Dee" tab.) -

Sunflower seeds to use as markers - Bingo Call Slips, cut apart, and a bowl to put them in (Or you can use a normal child's Bingo set if you have one handy. Just remember that "B" is Bluejay, "I" is Cardinal, "N" is Peacock, "G" is Robin and "O" is Woodpecker.)

- Bingo Call Sheet to keep track of the numbers called

- Several small, fun prizes (small sample box of candy, Texas Ranger toy badges, small telephone/address book, bird watching book, etc.) If you want to have a Grand Prize blackout bingo round, let me know and I'll be glad to mail you an autographed bookplate to use as the Grand Prize.

Helpful Hint: It's a good idea to have one person draw the "call slips" and call the numbers while a second person keeps track of the numbers called.


Food Ideas for a German Theme 

Large bread-type pretzels

Sausages and German potato salad

Apple cake

Black Forest cake




Decorating Ideas

Decorate tables with lacy doilies or lacy tablecloths draped over the top of another tablecloth. If you have German decorative items such as beer steins, Hummel-style figurines, embroidered aprons, etc., these would be beautiful as accents.

Bringing a white ruffled apron and having all the club members sign it would be fun and would make another great prize for the cakewalk.