"Hunter Scott Lending a Helping Hand" by Monica Bruenjes

"Hunter Scott Lending a Helping Hand" by Monica Bruenjes

Monica Bruenjes is an avid fan. So when I wrote a 99-cent eShort prelude to Fair Play, she read it.

It inspired her to do a quick sketch of a scene from the short story, which she blogged about. Then she popped over to my Facebook page, and posted a link to her blog.

I was delighted, of course. It's not everyday that someone does an original drawing of a scene from your story!

When my sister saw the post, she sent me an email with three words:

"Animator ... video adventure?"

Smart woman, my sister.

Within minutes, I emailed Monica and asked if I could give her a call. She was a bit giddy for the first few minutes of our conversation. I guess it's not everyday that she receives calls from her favorite authors. :)

Which somehow made us even. And by the end of the conversation, we were well on our way to a great adventure of our own.

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