The Measure Of A Lady


When the Rules Don't Count, How's A Girl To Measure Up?

Rachel Van Buren arrives in Gold Rush San Francisco with two wishes: to protect her younger siblings and to return east as soon as possible. Both goals prove more difficult than she could imagine as her brother and sister are lured by the city's dangerous freedom and a missionary-turned-gambler stakes a claim on her heart. Rachel won't give up without a fight though, and soon all will learn an eloquent but humorous lesson about what truly makes a lady.

Speak Politely. Even when you're the only respectable woman around, protesting the decadence of a city lost to gold fever.

Dress Modestly. Wear your sunbonnet at all times. Ensure nobody sees your work boots muddied by the San Francisco streets.

Remain Devoted to Family. Protect your siblings from the lures of the city, even against their wishes.

Stand Above Reproach. Most difficult when a wonderful man turns out to be a saloon owner.

Rise Above Temptation. No, not even just a little kiss ...


Gist follows her popular A Bride Most Begrudging (2005) with a damsel-in-distress tale set in 1849 San Francisco, where Rachel Van Buren is marooned when her gold-crazed father dies. Rachel must also care for her two young siblings. She finds a city filled with mud and sin, and there is no other decent woman, or “sunbonnet,” in residence. She’ll have to adjust her straitlaced outlook or die, and adjust she does in this amusing, often almost titillating tale brimming with period detail.
— Booklist
Once again, Gist’s work in staying true to the times has shone through. I felt like I was there in each part of the novel. I appreciate an author who doesn’t stick to the same old story-lines, and who creates new and exciting characters who stand out in the mind of the reader ... A well done book! This Jew girl gives The Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist a 4.5 out of 5!
— FaithWriters, Jezreel Cohen
10 out of 10 for value. 10 out of 10 for overall rating. The Measure of a Lady is a fascinating historical romance with a Guys and Dolls relationship between the lead couple. Deeanne Gist provides a vivid look at San Francisco just prior to the gold rush ... descriptions are priceless ... the opposites attract pairing make for a fine mid nineteenth century romance that sub-genre fans will enjoy., Harriet Klausner
The Measure of a Lady has received our highest rating - 5 roses! It was great watching Rachel slowly realize what truly marks the measure of a lady.
A Romance Review, Pat Glans
Following on the heels of her highly acclaimed debut A Bride Most Begrudging, Ms. Gist again engages and delights the reader with another inspirational historical set on the Pacific side of America – San Francisco, 1849., Marilyn
While The Measure of a Lady is inspirational historical fiction, don’t for a minute think it’s a ‘sunshine-and-flowers’ kind of story. This novel is realistically written, with the good, the bad, and the ugly interwoven to give readers a story that won’t insult their intelligence.
— Romance Junkies, Sherri Myers
Rating “Best of the Best” - “Holy. Stinking. Cow. ... I simply cannot tell you how much I love this story. The unique message in this book is magnificent.
The Historical Christian Romance Review, Amber Perry
It was refreshing to read a romance filled with real world problems. The story may take place 150 years ago, however, the same issues still arise today, just in different forms. Watching Rachel learn to view the world in a whole new light without giving up her fundamental beliefs is heart-warming and, at times, inspiring.
Romance Reader At Heart, Amanda Rutherfold
For the lover of historical Americana delivered with a dose of sweet romance, The Measure of a Lady is a lively choice that won’t disappoint., Violet Nesdoly
Deeanne Gist’s novels are the perfect medium for crossing over from the Christian market into the general market. Readers who appreciate romance will find themselves delighted with writing that is filled with delightful characters and vivid imagery., Jessica Dotta