You know you're married to a jock when ...

  • he refers to intermission as "halftime."

  • you arrive at the hospital to deliver your first born and he brings along his catcher's mitt.

  • he paints regulation lines on the driveway around your basketball goal.

  • he buys a basketball goal from Academy, saws six feet of the pole off, drills a hole in the decking beside your pool, drops the basketball goal into it and concretes it in. None of that plastic poolside basketball for him. No siree. (And this monstrosity looks so nice next to my saga palm.)

  • he thinks reading is the epitome of being bored.

  • he's only read 15 books since 1986 (ten of those because he feels like he has to since his wife wrote them).

  • he thinks soap operas reflect the lowest form of our society.

  • he thinks romance novels are just one teeny-tiny step above soap operas.

Well, I'm sure you've figured out … I'm married to a jock. 

Now don't get me wrong. Jocks have their perks. They are hard workers, driven, passionate, great leaders, great providers, fiercely protective of their woman and offspring, and they come packaged very, very nicely. My sweetie-pie and I will be celebrating 32 years of marital bliss this December.

What about you? Are you married to a jock? Got any bullet points you could add?