A dozen roses were brought to my door yesterday. They were from my husband. Imagine my surprise when I opened the card and discovered they were for the dog. It was Cowboy's 12th birthday and Greg sent one rose for every year of the dog's life. This is what the card said:

And thus, the negotiations began. I really wanted those roses. They were white, tinged with pink, and filled the room with a heavenly scent. Cowboy wanted breakfast in bed … my bed. That wasn't happening.

So I took him to the dog park. Played frisbee (which he loves because when I throw it one never knows which direction it will go). Then we went to the pet store. We walked up and down the aisles while I let him choose whichever treat he wanted. He chose SmartBones made with real peanut butter. After all, he's getting up in age and he said he wanted to be healthy and all.

Thing is, he wanted twelve of them--one for each rose. I told him that wasn't healthy. He insisted. Finally, we decided he could have twelve, but not in one sitting. The roses would last at least a week. Perhaps his peanut butter bones should, too.

Gotta love that man of mine, though. So adorable. *sigh* What's the most outrageous thing ever done for your pet?