Each week we are picking a new leading-lady to feature and sharing ideas about how we think she would dress in 2015! Scroll below to see how I imagine she would dress, then you can show me how YOU imagine she would dress! Just upload a picture to the comments section here, or on Facebook, and the outfit YOU CHOOSE will be added my new Pinterest board. (Then we can all see each others ideas!)

This week, I'm featuring Rachel Van Buren from my second book, The Measure of a Lady. (Be sure to follow the Pinterest board so you'll see your outfit when it's posted!)

Johnnie was halfway out of his chair before he realized it had been well over a year since he’d stood up for a lady. But lady she was. Standing amongst these disreputable miners in her coat, skirt, and sunbonnet. Caked in mud and looking so blasted pretty he could scarcely catch his breath.

Every eye in the place was on her. Even Rattlesnake appeared to have forgotten he’d just lost his fortune. And the lady? The lady’s attention was fully and completely focused on Johnnie.

And she was none too pleased.
— The Measure of a Lady


To get an inside peek at my inspiration for the characters of The Measure of a Lady, go here.

As for Rachel, my original inspiration was this model from the Neil Hamil Agency.








Rachel Van Buren was all about following the plethora of Victorian rules that governed what a woman should do: speak politely, dress modestly, and rise above temptation. She lived in San Francisco, which today is one of the trendiest and funkiest cities in the USA. Here's some ideas on how today she might conform to the conservative demands of her day, yet allow a bit of personality show through.

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