I have a terrible time remembering anniversaries, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day. My husband never forgets. I’m always the one running out at the last second to get a card or gift. So this year, I started early, but instead of finding something for him, I found the coolest ideas for, well, me! If Valentine’s Day wasn’t a romantic holiday, I’d be tempted to get some of these for the female friends in my life. But they’d all fall over dead with shock if I did something sentimental, so instead, I thought I’d gift you with a list of items that I thought would be particularly appealing to us historical fiction lovers. Perhaps you can print it out and leave it around for the man in your life to find. ;)

Photo by  Maria Aguiar  via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Maria Aguiar via Flickr Creative Commons

1. Antique jewelry

Who doesn’t love  jewelry--especially on Valentine’s Day! But if the gift is for a historical fiction lover, why not find an antique jewelry store and buy a piece with a past! Or, in true Valentine’s Day fashion, why not give your Valentine the key to your heart by gifting a one-of-a-kind skeleton key?

Photo by Martinak15 via Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Martinak15 via Flickr Creative Commons

2. Old Book Candles

Even though reading by candlelight would kill my eyes, I might be tempted to give it a try with this “pages” candle, which is rumored to actually smell like an old book. Who knows, if you’re a significant other and you’ve found this article on your coffee table, maybe you should try lighting this candle to set a romantic atmosphere. It just might take things to a whole new level. Worth a try, right?

Photo by  Kara Witham  via Etsy

Photo by Kara Witham via Etsy

3. Secret Safe Book

Is this so cool? It’s a Secret Safe Book from Esty. The question then becomes which precious heirlooms to hide inside it? I’d probably end up putting my car keys in it, then I’d never lose them! And it would look right at home on the shelf with all my other historical fiction. Definitely drooling over this one.

4. Tiffany Girl

Okay. Call me shameless. But if you really are a significant other, and your woman really did leave this on the coffee table, then she’s most likely one of my readers. My brand new book, Tiffany Girl, is coming out May 5th, but it’s now available for pre-order it. Maybe she’s mentioned it? Dropped a few hints? Said something about how back-in-the-day the heir to Tiffany’s jewelry empire was left without a staff when his glassworkers went on strike and he had to hire a group of female art students to finish the mosaic chapel he was making as an exhibit for the World’s Fair? But nobody believed the work could be done in time--least of all by a set of young, inexperienced women? And that our heroine, Flossie Jayne, answers the call? Either way, I’m pretty sure that if you pre-order this for her, you’ll earn major brownie points. Just sayin’.

Image by  Tophee  via Flickr Creative Commons

Image by Tophee via Flickr Creative Commons

5. Vintage Cufflinks

As long as we’re talking to significant others, what do you, sir, think about these stylish antique vintage cufflinks? No? You’d rather have a Bug-Zooka for catching bugs--aim, fire, suck that fly up? That’s what I thought. *sigh*

So, did I miss anything? What Valentine gifts do you like to give/receive?