Ohmygosh, can you believe we’re under a month away from the release of Tiffany Girl? I’m so excited that sometimes I feel tempted to count down not just the days, but also the hours and minutes until the book hits shelves. Let’s see...we’re 27 days away from May 5th...so that’s something like 648 hours or 38,880 minutes, right? Oh, golly. That took me forever to figure out and I have no idea if it’s even right. I guess there’s a reason I chose to go into writing, not math!

In any event, I realized I simply couldn’t wait another second to share the first few chapters of Tiffany Girl with you. So I asked the publisher if I could, and they said yes! Therefore, beginning this week, I’m sending out one new chapter of the book each week until May 5th, all the way up through the fourth chapter.

Want to get in on the preview?

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.54.22 PM.png

All you have to do to get your four chapters via email is pre-order Tiffany Girl, which you can do from almost any online bookseller (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, etc.), and then come back to my website to sign up. You’ll get the first chapter in your email this week, and the new chapters will come out each week on Tuesdays between now and May 5th.

Because we’ll all be reading the same chapters at the same time, I’d love to hear your feedback as you read through them! What are your thoughts on our characters? What questions do you have about what happens next? What are you predicting for our hero Reeve and our heroine Flossie? After you read your chapters, hop over to my Facebook page so we can chat! It’ll be like we’re one big book club!

Do you have any ideas that will help me pass the time until May 5th? If not, I’ll go back to my countdown. Must be something like 38,874 minutes now, right?!