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Pinterest is so addicting. Today I was going to just take a quick peek, then several hours later, I’d pinned a whole bunch of really cool bookmarks you can make yourself. Check them out:

1) Sun Dress Bookmark  

The instructions are in Portuguese, but the pictures are so clear you won’t have any trouble following the instructions.

2) Yarn Ball Bookmarks

Inexpensive, easy to make and so festive!

3) Spoon Bookmark

This particular bookmark is for sale, but if you wanted to make one yourself, you could go loosely by these instructions here. I love the message hammered into this example, though. LOL.

4) Corner Bookmarks

Love this. So cute!


5) Old Book Spines 

Look how clever this is! Spines from old books that have fallen apart. You could pick these up at library sales or garage sales.

6) Printable Bookmarks 


How cute is this? Just print it out, do a bit of cut and pasting and you’re ready to go.

7) Photo Bookmarks  

This would be a great gift for grandma and one your kids could do!

8) Button Collection

I love collecting buttons. Never occurred to me to turn them into bookmarks! How simple is this?

9) Magnetic Bookmark [[link to: ]]

This example used some die cuts, but really all you’d need is some scrapbook paper, some ribbon, some magnets and a pair of scissors.

10) Victorian Undergarments Bookmark

This is a bookmark one of my readers handmade for me! Isn’t it so cute? Thank you, Lisa J. from Oklahoma!

11) Tiffany Girl Bookmarks

Not the crafty type? No worries! We’ve done all the work for you. Just click here and you can download these, print them out and your set to go!

So, which bookmarks are your favorites? Leave me a comment on my Facebook page, or tweet me at @DeeanneGist!