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More often than not, movies based on books that leave us terribly disappointed. However, there are are few gems that actually got it right. These are my picks. What are yours?

1.     Shawshank Redemption:


2.     The Godfather:


3.     The Lord of the Rings Trilogy:



4.     Forrest Gump:


5.     The Silence of the Lambs:


6.     To Kill a Mockingbird:


7.     Gone With the Wind:


8.     The Green Mile:


9.     The Wizard of Oz:


10.     Schindler’s List:


Which is your favorite movie based on a book?  Leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or on Twitter @DeeanneGist!

International bestselling author, Deeanne Gist

International bestselling author, Deeanne Gist

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