I LOVE the gorgeous dresses that women wore back in the day and I always incorporate some in my books. That got me to thinking--if my heroines lived in the 21st century, what would they wear? With that in mind, I scrolled through Pinterest (so addicting!), and found some fun styles I think my heroines would love!

For fun, what if each week we pick a new leading-lady to feature? I can show you how I imagine she would dress, then you can show me how YOU imagine she would dress! Just upload a picture to the comments section here, or on Facebook, and the outfit YOU CHOOSE will be added my new Pinterest board. (Then we can all see each others ideas!) This week, I'm featuring Constance Morrow from my first book, A Bride Most Begrudging. (Be sure to follow the Pinterest board so you'll see your outfit when it's posted!)

‘He wants a fifteen thousand pound settlement,’ Drew said.
Constance widened her eyes. ‘Fifteen thousand!’
‘He says you’re a great deal of trouble.’
She hesitated for one startled moment before choking back a laugh. ‘I am.’
‘I thought so.’
Her father leveled Drew with a look. ‘If I pay you the fifteen thousand, do you swear to keep her?’
Drew reared back his head. ‘Forever?’
Her father scowled. ‘Forever.’
— A Bride Most Begrudging
My original inspiration for Constance, and Emma Stone in *The Help*

My original inspiration for Constance, and Emma Stone in *The Help*


To get an inside peek at my inspiration for the characters of A Bride Most Begrudging, go here.

As for Constance, my original inspiration came from a picture of a doll I saw in a magazine while I was waiting for a prescription to be filled. I gasped and thought, "That's her! That's Constance as a child."

If I had to pick out an actress to cast as Constance, I'd chose Emma Stone--especially with the way her hair was worn in the movie *The Help.* (Who would you choose?)




Constance was a true red head and covered with freckles. Feisty, headstrong, and intelligent, if she were shopping for clothes today, she'd probably look for something tasteful and exquisitely made with a lot of class. A kind of Princess Kate look.

So, with that in mind, here's some things I picked out for Constance if she were living in 2015 ........


Now it's your turn! Find an outfit you think Constance would wear today, and I'll add it to my Constance Morrow Pinterest board! Just leave the image here or on my Facebook!