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While researching Tiffany Girl, I found that The Board Game of Old Maid was the Victorian's version of Hasbro's Game of Life.  The couple's journey through the game resembles the ups and downs of most courtships back then.  Therefore, I made sure my hero and heroine paired up in my novel to play the game so they could find out if they marry-or if she becomes an "old maid".


Step 1.  They meet.


Step 2. Uncongenial.


Step 3. Go to the opera.


Step 4. Give each other presents.


Step 5. Pleased with each other.


Step 6. Fall in love.


Step 7. Misunderstanding.


Step 8.  Proposal. (If they "win" the game, anyway.)

When the game ends, my heroine, Flossie Jayne, tells our hero, "It's not how the game ends, but the pleasure of taking a journey together.".  Hmmm.  Do you agree?  Let me know here, on Facebook, or tweet me @DeeanneGist!

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