You’re always asking me which of my books is my favorite. And I’m always saying, “I don’t know!” That’s such a tough question! In many ways, my books are like children. I love them each equally, but in different ways. That’s because they, like my books, bring me joy and laughter, tears and frustration, all tied up with a big dose of affection.

If you’re new to my books, I know that answer won’t do you any good when trying to decide which to read first. But, I woke up in the middle of the night with a great way to help you decide: a quiz! You know, kind of like those quizzes we took in teen magazines, except this one is focused on matching you up with the perfect title to start out on. (If you’ve already read them all, think of which one you’d recommend to someone else, then take the quiz for fun and see if it matches!)

Take the quiz here!

By answering a few quick questions about your favorite pastimes, places to travel and personality, you’ll reveal the Deeanne Gist book that’s best suited for you. Will it be Maid to Match, It Happened at the Fair, the forthcoming Tiffany Girl or one of my others? Only the quiz will tell! Take it here.

Tweet me or write on my Facebook wall and tell me which book you’ve been matched with. If you have any questions, tweet/post those too and I’ll share more insights about my books and do my best to tell you what I love most about each.

Happy quizzing and reading!