If I’ve learned anything from talking to you wonderful folks on Facebook last week, it’s that we all LOVE having a romantic literary character in our books-- especially if his name is Darcy! And who can blame us? Falling in love with a handsome, romantic man is almost every woman’s dream, right? (Even if he’s only fictional, that’s ok, too!)

Since so many of you responded to my Facebook post last week about your favorite male literary character, I decided that I want to share with you my take on the three most romantic male characters in my books! Keep in mind, these are in no way my favorite characters. I couldn’t possibly pick those, it’s like picking your favorite children--impossible!

Hunter Scott- Fair Play

Our World’s Fair guard, Hunter Scott may be the toughest fellow west of any place east, but his work with heroine Billy Jack Tate--work like rescuing abandoned children--gives him a softer side. That doesn’t keep the two of them from clashing, though. He doesn’t think women have a place outside the home, and she doesn’t think men are the only ones with the smarts to work in professional fields. Still, they team up to save a foundling, and Hunter finds his softer side along the way.



Mack Danvers- Maid to Match

Mack is as caring and sweet as he is rugged--what more could you ask for, ladies? While his work at Vanderbilt’s Biltmore chateau doesn’t quite thrill him, (how could a former mountain man be thrilled by servitude?) the wages he can earn would go toward rescuing his sister from an orphanage. Mack is strong, handsome and has a big ol’ heart-- perfect for becoming a favorite literary character.


Luke Palmer - Love on the Line 

Luke is a Texas Ranger who mixes danger and love. He works undercover to infiltrate a notorious gang of train robbers - very manly. But he doesn’t much like it when love gets in the way of his work. Everyone loves a man with a sensitive side and one in a uniform (think Texas Ranger with cowboy hat, cowboy boots, low-slinging gun belt, five-pointed star, and that famous Texas swagger). But even when he sheds those to go undercover and has to wear denim overalls, Luke makes those overalls look mighty good--and Georgie definitely notices!

By now you’re probably wondering where my inspiration for all these impossibly romantic and swoony fellows comes from. Click the play button below and I’ll personally give you All the Juicy DeeTales!

Meanwhile, who would you name as the three most romantic characters in my books?