Reading in the bathtub. The best thing ever. I’ve ruined so many books, though, right? But  now—drumroll please—a couple of folks have started a company, Bibliobath, that makes  waterproof books!

So far, Bibliobath has made waterproof versions of four classic books with polypropylene (a  type of plastic) pages that feel just like paper pages. And if it happens to be a tear jerker, no  worries because the books are resistant to tears (and tears, too—as in rips). A really romantic  hero? Again, Bibliobath has you covered—the books are actually drool proof. LOL.

So far they have Mark Twain's Short Stories; W. B. Yeats' Cloths of Heaven and Other  Poems; William Shakespeare's Macbeth; and—totally random here—Sun Zi's The Art of War.  Okay. Not your average beach-reads, but once they discover us girls who LOVE to read in  the tub and on the beach? Look out!

Their books are, at the moment, still in the embryonic stage. Currently, Bibliobath has a  Kickstarter open until this Wednesday morning (July 15) and as of this morning they’ve raised their $10K goal!

So what do you think? If you could make any book in the world waterproof, what would you choose? Let me know here, on Facebook, or on Twitter @DeeanneGist!

International bestselling author, Deeanne Gist

International bestselling author, Deeanne Gist

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