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We've all felt it. We get to the end of a book or a series and, well, we can't believe it's over. Surely there's another sequel, we think, or another page. And then ... the process begins ...

1. Denial

"I absolutely refuse to believe it's over! After six books, it can't be over! It was just getting good!"


2. Anger

"No! You can't leave it here! It's not right! It's not fair to me, to the characters, or even the other fans! You MUST write another book!"


3. Bargaining

"Okay, I can be reasonable. I'll buy three of your other novels if you just write one more book for this series. That's all I ask. Come on, all I want is closure."


4. Guilt

"It's because I borrowed those last three books from my friend instead of buying them for myself, isn't it? Your publisher wasn't making enough of a profit so they made you wrap up your story as quickly as possible. It was all my fault."


5. Depression

"It's over. I'll never get to see what they do next. All I can do is speculate and that's ... it's just not the same. I want to know how YOU see them after the last chapter ... but I'll never get to, will I?"


6. Acceptance

"I guess I can see how it'll all be okay for them ... in the end ... if I squint a little. And tilt my head. I'll never forget them, of course, but ... have you seen that new series? Maybe I'll buy it when I get my next paycheck."


7. New Book

"My new book arrived! Give me a few hours and I will be back!"

So, which phase are you in right now? Let me know here, on Facebook or on Twitter @DeeanneGist!

International bestselling author, Deeanne Gist

International bestselling author, Deeanne Gist

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