I am constantly spouting off malapropisms. Just a few days ago, one of you caught me saying I was going to "button down the hatches" instead of "batten down the hatches." So embarrassing. *sigh* For fun, my son, his wife and I tried to come up with a bunch on our own. Here are eight from the list we made.

Note: a proper definition of malapropism is waiting for you at the bottom of the list, but chances are you'll have guessed the definition by then.


1) Barry the Hatchet

Malapropism: Barry the hatchet
Correct Phrase: Bury the hatchet


2) Mock My Words

Malapropism: Mock my words
Correct Phrase: Mark my words


3) Don't Take Me For Granite



Malapropism: Don't take me for granite
Correct Phrase: Don't take me for granted


4) A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moths

Malapropism: A rolling stone gathers no moths
Correct Phrase: A rolling stone gathers no moss


5) Self of Steam

Malapropism: Self of steam
Correct Phrase: Self esteem


6) Check Your Knee-flexes



Malapropism: Check your knee-flexes
Correct Phrase: Check your reflexes


7) Bowl in a China Shop

Malapropism: Bowl in a china shop
Correct Phrase: Bull in a china shop


8) Bump Beds



Malapropism: Bump Beds
Correct Phrase: Bunk Beds

Yep, you guessed it. Malapropisms are the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar sounding one, often with an unintentional amusing effect. What funny malapropisms have you said or heard? Let me know here, on my Facebook page, or tweet me @DeeanneGist!

International bestselling author, Deeanne Gist IWantHerBook.com

International bestselling author, Deeanne Gist IWantHerBook.com

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