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I confess.  I'm a bookends nerd.  Check these out - wish I could have them all!

1. Jack's Beanstalk Grabs Something Other Than The Golden Goose


2. "RUN!!" Bookend For Your Suspense Collection


3. A Knight in Shining Armor - Every Girl Should Have One


4. A to Z - Mine Should Say "OCD" :)


5. Kraken Springs From the Pages


6. Bilbo and Gandalf For Your Tolkien Collection


7. Eiffel Tower For Travel Books - or Maybe Romances?


8. Rats for Poe, King & Other Creepy Books


9. Teleportation For Fans of Sci-Fi


10. Cats, Birds, and Cages for the Curious and Wary


Do you have a cool pair of bookends? I’d love to hear about them—or see pics!  Leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or on Twitter @DeeanneGist!

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