When you’re about to put down a book, are you the kind of person who reaches for a bookmark, or are you more likely to dog-ear your page? I’m totally a bookmark girl myself! And though I tend to use random slips of paper as bookmarks, lately I’ve been nostalgic for those colorful bookmarks that my kids used to collect when they were in elementary school. They’re a far cry from the crumpled coffee receipt I usually use!

This got me thinking: wouldn’t it be fun to create Tiffany Girl-themed bookmarks that you could download, print out and mark your page with when you read the new book? Then I had another idea: Since Tiffany Girl’s main character, Flossie Jayne, is an aspiring artist, what if illustrator Monica Bruenjes “played Flossie” and drew up sketches of the four main characters from the book? Then I could add a few must-know details about each of them to help you get to know the main players in the story before you start reading. So that’s just what we did.


When you print them out, be sure to take a close look at the portraits and you’ll see that Monica signed the illustrations with Flossie’s name. Pretty cool that Flossie made a few bookmarks for us, right? ;-)

To get your set, just head on over to the bookmarks page where you can find instructions for downloading and printing out your copies. When you’re done, let’s meet up on my Facebook page. I’d love to chat with you more over there about Flossie Jayne and the rest of the Tiffany Girl crew!