I heard from so many of you after you took our quiz—you know, the one that helped you figure out which of my books you should read next. Wasn’t it fun? I just LOVED it when you posted which book you’d been matched to—especially when it was your favorite one! Even I took the quiz. Can you guess which book I was matched with? (Hint: The heroine is a bloomer-wearing, independent woman who hikes up her skirts when bike riding through town.)

Since the last quiz was so much fun, I thought we’d do another one, except this one features the characters from my new book, Tiffany Girl! By answering a handful of questions about things like your favorite hobbies and how you relax after a long day, you’ll find out which Tiffany Girl character is most like you! Are you artistic like Flossie? Hardworking like Clara? Stern like Nan? Or strong-willed like Aggie? I think I might have a touch of all four. Maybe what they say about us authors putting a little bit of ourselves into each of our characters really is true!

Anyway, to find out which Tiffany Girl you would be, you can take the quiz here! After you’re done, head over to my Facebook page and tell me about your results. I’m so excited to hear who you end up matched with! If you have any questions about the characters, feel free to post those as well. I’ll try my best to answer them without giving anything away!